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William and Mary dressing table – part 1.

Author: Виктория, March 2, 2016 в Furniture, WIP

I’ve been working on it since the beginning of the year, then I switched to making a workbench, and now I’m off the project for a week because of my daughter’s illness.
It was my first try using a lathe duplicator, and I’m quite pleased with the results.
But let’s start from the beginning. I start with cutting the legs, the turned part is bigger in diameter than the upper part. So I remove the waste with my router.


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Marquetry wardrobe -WIP

Author: Виктория, January 19, 2015 в Furniture, Uncategorized, WIP

These holidays were too long! I missed my tools and tablesaw:) Before them (damn, it was last year!) I started remaking marquetry wardrobe, which I didn’t even finish. I managed to cut side parts, today was a  lathe day!

Here’s the old version of the wardrobe:
Another marquetry wardrobe - WIP

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Author: Виктория, March 6, 2012 в Dollhouse, WIP

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