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Roubo workbench, part 3, final.

Author: Виктория, February 16, 2016 в Metalwork, WIP

It’s assembling time! I showed a dry fit before, so there won’t be any annoying repeating photos. Let me show vises, for example. Before gluing anything I need to install tail vises and front.I start with tail vises.

At first, I drill a hole, insert the vises, check if everything is symmetrical. That dark detail (made of steamed pear wood) was made twice, because the drill hole was not set correctly. Too bad.


Well, then we have this detail inside the bench top, that’s moving back and forth, so inside this detail I install a nut. Then we make a mortise for it. Let’s hope nothing will crack.


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Roubo Workbench, part 1.

Author: Виктория, February 8, 2016 в WIP

I never thought that I’d be making a workbench! I’m always searching for some new ways of presenting the work that I do. I’m just never happy with the photos that I make, almost. One day, going through a bunch of fantastic Instagram photos of different cabinetmakers, I realized that they are fabulous even when they showed WIP. Still a process, but such a beautiful one. And I thought – what do I have? Just a green cutting mat, a lamp, that’s it. Even my beautiful ginger cat would never fit in. :))) Nothing cute really. And I’m a fan of cute things! :)))

After all, I thought, why not a workbench? It would look like a real workshop. I knew nothing about workbenches, so I bought one of Christopher Schwartz books. And it was quite exciting reading!

I was so impressed that I decided to make a Roubo workbench, well, its modern version. You can find a lot of drawings on Internet, so I didn’t waste my time and picked one.

Let’s begin! I start with a top (we have two parts). You can see dovetail joinery on the sides of it. I used steamed pear wood for the contrast.

Roubo workbench in 1/12 scale - WIP

Roubo workbench in 1/12 scale - WIP

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New project, tuscan table with marquetry top

Author: Виктория, November 3, 2015 в Furniture, WIP

Almost in panic! Christmas festival is only one month away. And I only have time for one more item, this time it will be tuscan table. Lots of work here – carved legs with lots of details, turned parts, marquetry top, drawers… This table is kinda huge for me, legs are 7mm thick, quite unusual for me.



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